Our commitment to a better world

Life on earth will still continue in whatever form we leave it. The climate change is real and the limit is already visible on the horizon AND THE TIME TO REACT HAS COME, right now.

For this principle we simply asked ourselves:
“What does our splendid one need PLANET to continue his life by giving his immense  BEAUTY who will come after our passage?”
The answer emerged clear from the heart: TREES AND PLANTS.

Donate together with us a lively and colorful future to all living beings who will follow us.

WE HAVE JOINED a newborn Sardinian association called Elighe TREE (Leccio- QUERCUS LEX) which deals with restoring the original Sardinian or allochthonous vegetation to burnt or needy lands, if in some cases it is considered essential for the environment that will host it.

For this purpose, the association finances farmers, landowners, and all those who believe in a return to nature. Organize and participate in both live and online events to reach a greater number of associates or donors of which we hope you will soon be a part of too.


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